China Black Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings In Promising Development

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Black malleable iron pipe fittings (galvanised malleable  malleable iron pipe fittings) are now widely used. black  malleable iron is made by fusing  malleable iron with a zinc-coated coating by heating. Generally speaking, the corrosion resistance of  malleable iron and malleable iron surfaces after processing decreases over time. Galvanising, on the other hand, is a method of coating the surface of  malleable iron and malleable iron with zinc, resulting in a protective layer of zinc- malleable iron alloy that significantly improves the corrosion resistance of  malleable iron and malleable iron. Therefore, the main material of black  malleable iron is malleable iron.It is widely known that black  malleable iron is a malleable iron product with good material, high anti-corrosion performance, long service life.

In this article Jianzhi,a leading China black malleable  malleable iron pipe fitting manufacturer would like to take buyers through the developing black wrought  malleable iron manufacturing body —-China.

The irresistible advantages of galvanized malleable iron pipe fittings

Anti-Corrosion: Galvanizing provides very effective protection against corrosion from the atmosphere, water and other chemicals. Galvanizing protects malleable iron from rust, corrosion, and decay, thereby extending the life of the malleable iron.

Durability: Galvanized malleable iron is highly durable and can maintain good performance even in harsh environments. Galvanized malleable iron can withstand extreme conditions such as high temperatures, high humidity, and intense UV rays.

Aesthetics: The surface of galvanized malleable iron is smooth and bright, with high aesthetics, and is suitable for some occasions with high appearance requirements.

Ease of processing: Galvanized malleable iron is easy to process and form and can be cut, welded, bent and formed into shapes.

Low Maintenance Cost: Since galvanized malleable iron has high durability and anti-corrosion properties, the maintenance cost is low.

Black Iron Pipe Fittings Equal Cross

Reports on the development of China black malleable  malleable iron pipe fittings

According to the “China black malleable  malleable iron pipe fitting Industry Current Situation Analysis and Development Outlook Report” released by Zhongjing Zhisheng: At present, the process, technology and equipment of China black malleable  malleable iron pipe fittings have reached the world’s first-class level, which has strengthened the foundation of the healthy development of the industry.The overall production capacity of China’s malleable iron pipe galvanising industry was 32,021,500 tonnes in 2016, and it will be 30,492,400 tonnes in 2020, which is a year-on-year 2019 growth of 5.68%.Since 2019, China’s black malleable  malleable iron pipe fitting production has also seen significant growth. Driven by China’s various measures to stabilise growth, major projects have been started around the world, creating a better market env malleable ironment for the black malleable  malleable iron pipe fitting industry.China’s malleable iron pipe black production was 23,682,600 tonnes in 2016, and 23,544,500 tonnes in 2020, an increase of 8.02% compared with 2019.

It is worth noting that cold black pipes are currently banned, and hot black pipes are promoted by the state to be able to use temporarily. At present, hot dip black malleable  malleable iron pipe fitting should implement the national standard GB/T3091-2015.

First of all, the “Nonferrous Metals Industry Development Plan (2016-2020)” puts forward to strengthen the innovation of zinc leaching slag containing zinc secondary material efficient treatment technology, to achieve the comprehensive utilization of resources; from strict control of copper, electrolytic aluminium, lead, zinc, magnesium and other new smelting projects, to encourage the backward lead and zinc smelting technology transformation; at the same time to encourage China’s copper, aluminium, lead, zinc and other non-ferrous metals smelting to strengthen international cooperation, and relevant Countries and regions to carry out mutually beneficial and win-win industrial development and investment cooperation. The proposal and implementation of the Plan will help to improve China’s zinc metal production capacity, transformation of backward smelting technology, while improving env malleable ironmental protection technology requirements for the development of hot-dip galvanising industry to provide more adequate raw materials.

How to select a reliable China black malleable  malleable iron pipe fitting manufacturer

In addition to the well-known advantages of black malleable  malleable iron pipe fittings such as aesthetics and durability, China black malleable  malleable iron pipe fittings guarantee the maximum of:

  1. cleanliness and env malleable ironmental friendliness,
  2. efficient use of energy,
  3. strict production and inspection.

Of course, to ensure this you must also choose a reliable Chinese manufacturer. Jianzhi is a first-class Chinese manufacturer of black malleable  malleable iron pipe fittings with many years of experience in the field, from forging to processing, with strict processes to ensure the best black malleable iron pipe fittings are delivered to buyers at home and abroad.When you choose us, you choose peace of mind.We have a professional team of both producing and service.Jianzhi warmly welcome any kind of message from buyers,no matter you have some need or you have got some confusion.We are willing to offer you any help and advice.

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