BSP Black Malleable Iron 90 Degree Bend Fig. 2

Maximum Pressure:

25 BAR (363PSI) (2.5MPA) CLASS 150

Maximum Temperature:

200°C (392°F)

Tensile Strength:


Suitable Applications:

Water, Oil, Gas, Petro-Chemical

bend 90 thread female
Size: 3/8”-4”
Standard: EN10242 / ANSI / ASME B16.3 / DIN2950 / IS0 49 / NBR6943 / IS1879 / BS EN10242
Threaded Standard: EN10226 / ASME B.1.20.1 / DIN2999 / ISO7-1 / ISO228 / IS554 / BS EN10226
Work Pressures: PN25 / 2.5Mpa / 363PSI /CLASS 150 / 31Bar
Certification :UL Listed /FM Approved /CE /ABNT /TSE /SNI /ISI

Product Description

Bend 90 female / Female Bend 90 Degree

In a pipeline system, bends refer to pipe fittings that change the pipeline’s direction. In addition to 45 °, 90 °, and 180 ° elbows, this product has 90 degrees of the female bend, which is mainly used in plumbing systems. Additionally, bend females are highly mechanically resistant to compression, traction and bending stress.

Malleable iron is obtained from an iron-carbon alloy with a carbon content of more than 2.14% as a result of eutectic transformation during crystallization. After casting, the fittings are specially kept at a temperature of 95 ° C, i.e. slow and uniform cooling occurs. The result is a very fine-grained metal structure. This leads to a decrease in internal stresses and an increase in tensile strength.The pipelines of sanitary-technical systems, through which water, steam, gas move, consist of separate sections of pipes connected by welding, flanges or threads.
Most connections on pipes are made one-piece (welded and threaded), but for the possibility of dismantling pipelines during repair, as well as in places where valves are installed, detachable connections are provided (flange, union nut, threaded with a squeegee). In the assortment of our company, you can find fittings for all major types of pipeline connections.bend 90 thread female


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