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Product Description

Product Description

China MS (Mild Steel) ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) Pipe, also known as China-made light steel resistance welded pipe, is a kind of structural light carbon steel pipe made by resistance welding technology. This kind of steel pipe is usually made of steel with low carbon content. It is widely used in construction, machinery manufacturing, infrastructure construction, agricultural irrigation and many other fields due to its good welding performance, excellent toughness and relatively low cost.

Main features of China MS ERW Pipe

1.High-quality welding performance.Advanced resistance welding technology ensures smooth and neat welds, and strong and reliable welded joints.

2.Excellent mechanical properties.Light steel material provides good toughness and compressive resistance, suitable for medium loads.

3.Cost-effectiveness.Compared with other types of steel pipes, MS ERW Pipe is more economical while maintaining high performance, saving costs for projects.

4.Wide range of specifications and sizes.A variety of diameters, wall thicknesses and lengths are available, which can be customized according to project needs to meet different engineering and design requirements.

5.Easy to process and install.Light steel material is easy to cut and weld, which is convenient for on-site processing and installation, improving engineering construction efficiency.

Application Areas

1.Building structures and supports.used as supporting frames, beams, guardrails, etc. inside and outside buildings.

2.Industrial piping systems.used to transport water, gas or low-pressure steam in factories, warehouses and other places.

3.Public infrastructure.used in the construction of bridges, highway guardrails, municipal water supply and drainage systems, etc.

4.Agricultural facilities.used in greenhouse structures, agricultural machinery components and irrigation systems.

5.Machinery and vehicle manufacturing.used as structural materials for mechanical structures and certain vehicles.

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