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Product Description

Product description

ERW galvanized steel pipe fitting is a steel pipe manufactured by electric resistance welding (ERW) technology and hot-dip galvanized on the surface of the steel pipe. This treatment process provides a strong corrosion-resistant zinc coating for the steel pipe, greatly extending the service life of the steel pipe.

ERW galvanized steel pipe is widely used in various fields such as construction, industry, agriculture, etc. with its excellent physical and chemical properties, and is particularly suitable for environments that require good corrosion resistance.

Main features:

1.Excellent corrosion resistance: The hot-dip galvanizing process provides a uniform and dense zinc layer, which effectively resists corrosion caused by oxidation, moisture, etc.

2.High-strength welded joints: The use of resistance welding technology ensures the high strength and good sealing of the weld.

3.Strong structure: Carbon steel material gives the pipe excellent load-bearing capacity and is suitable as a support for various structures.

4.Wide application adaptability: Produced in accordance with international standards such as ASTM and API, it is suitable for a variety of specifications and requirements.

5.Good processing performance: The galvanized layer can provide certain protection during welding and processing to prevent rust on the welded parts.

Application areas:

1.Water supply system: used for drinking water pipes and irrigation pipes in cities and rural areas.

2.Construction industry: used for supporting frames, guardrails, building scaffolding, etc. of building structures.

3.Communication industry: infrastructure such as telecommunication towers and electric poles.

4.Industrial manufacturing: as a component of various machinery and industrial equipment.

5.Transportation facilities: highway guardrails, bridge supports, etc.

Quality assurance and customized services:

1.We strictly produce in accordance with international and national standards to ensure that each ERW galvanized steel pipe has excellent quality and performance.

2.We provide a variety of specifications and sizes, and accept customer customization needs to meet special engineering project requirements.

3.Use high-quality raw materials and precision production equipment to ensure product durability and reliability.

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