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Product Description

Product Description

Carbon Steel ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) Pipe fittings is an efficient and economical steel pipe product that is made by welding carbon steel coils into pipes through resistance welding technology. This type of pipe is widely used in modern industrial and infrastructure projects. Its advantages are good welding performance, high strength and reliable corrosion resistance. It is particularly suitable for conveying fluids such as water, oil and natural gas.

Main Features of Carbon Steel ERW Pipe Fittings

1.Excellent welding performance. High-frequency resistance welding technology is used to ensure smooth and uniform welds and high welding quality.

2.High strength and hardness. Carbon steel material ensures that the pipe has good pressure bearing capacity and can maintain stable performance even in extreme environments.

3.Excellent corrosion resistance. Surface treatment such as galvanizing can further improve the corrosion resistance of carbon steel ERW pipes and extend their service life.

4.High dimensional accuracy. The production process is strictly controlled to ensure the consistency and accuracy of pipe dimensions for easy installation and connection.

5.Wide range of specifications. A variety of diameters, wall thicknesses and lengths are available to meet different application requirements.

Application Scenarios

1.Industrial pipelines. Applicable to fluid delivery systems in the petroleum, chemical and natural gas industries.

2.Construction. Used in support columns and frame components of building structures, as well as water supply and drainage systems.

3.Machinery manufacturing. As structural components of mechanical equipment and transportation vehicles, it provides structural strength and bearing capacity.

4.Agricultural irrigation. Used in agricultural irrigation systems to transport irrigation water.

5.Green energy. Used as brackets and connecting pipes in the infrastructure construction of solar and wind energy industries.

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