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Product Description

Product Overview

ERW (resistance welding) pipe fittings are steel pipe fittings manufactured by resistance welding technology. This technology uses high-frequency current to generate heat through the contact material surface to melt the material and achieve welding and connection of the material under the action of external force.

Product Features of ERW Pipe Fittings

1.High-quality welding. ERW pipe fittings use resistance welding technology to ensure the firmness and consistency of the welded joints, with almost no welding defects.

2.Excellent mechanical properties. These pipe fittings exhibit excellent pressure bearing capacity and mechanical strength to meet high-standard industrial requirements.

3.Dimensional accuracy. Using advanced production processes, ERW pipe fittings maintain a high degree of dimensional accuracy, which helps to simplify the installation process.

4.Wide material selection. According to different application requirements, ERW pipe fittings can be produced using a variety of steel and alloy materials to adapt to various working environments.

5.Diverse surface treatment. Various surface treatments such as galvanizing, spraying, and anti-corrosion coating can be performed to improve the corrosion resistance and durability of pipe fittings.

6.Environmentally friendly. The production process of ERW pipe fittings is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It can help to reduce the carbon footprint in the construction and manufacturing process.

Application areas

1.Oil and gas pipelines.ERW pipe fittings are widely used in the oil and gas industry for the construction of long-distance transmission pipelines.

2.Water supply and drainage systems.In urban infrastructure and industrial plants, they are used as key components of water treatment and water supply systems.

3.Building structures.Construct building support frames, trusses and other load-bearing structures.

4.Machinery manufacturing.As a component of machinery and equipment, such as conveying devices, mechanical brackets, etc.

5.Automobile and shipbuilding.In the field of automobile manufacturing and shipbuilding, it is used to make chassis, frames and other key structural parts.

Advantages of ERW Pipe Fittings

Choosing ERW Pipe Fittings provides a cost-effective solution for applications. It meets the requirements of robustness and durability of engineering structures. ERW Pipe Fittings also adapts to various harsh environmental conditions through a variety of surface treatment options. The environmentally friendly characteristics of its manufacturing process are also in line with the current global trend towards sustainable development and environmental protection.


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