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Product Description

Product Overview

ERW pipe is a kind of electric resistance welded pipe, which uses the thermal effect and skin effect of high-frequency current to instantly heat the edge of the pipe to a molten state, and achieves welding through the extrusion of the extrusion roller.

Why choose us

As a ERW pipe fittings manufacturer, Jianzhi have obvious competitive advantages in the industry and aim to provide customers with high-quality, high-reliability products and services. Our main advantages include.

  1. Advanced production technology.

We use internationally advanced ERW production lines and high-frequency welding technology to ensure stable welding quality of steel pipes and smooth and beautiful welds. This advanced production method also allows us to achieve precise control over the diameter, wall thickness and length of steel pipes to meet diverse customer needs.

  1. Strict quality control.

From raw material procurement to finished product delivery, we implement a full-process quality control system. Through online and offline testing equipment, we strictly test various indicators of the product to ensure that each ERW steel pipe shipped meets international and industry standards.

  1. Environmentally friendly production process.

We are committed to a sustainable development strategy and adopt a production process that efficiently utilizes resources and energy, significantly reducing energy consumption and waste generation in the production process, and reducing the impact on the environment.

  1. Customized service.

According to the specific needs of customers, we can provide customized product solutions, including special specifications of ERW steel pipes and special material selection, as well as special performance treatments designed for specific applications, such as anti-corrosion, galvanizing, etc.

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