FAQ of Black Pipe Fitting

by | Mar 17, 2022 | Industry Knowledge

Q1: Are black pipe fittings cast iron

A: The black pipe fittings are classified according to the surface treatment method, and the material can be malleable iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, PVC, PPR, etc. The black pipe fittings of Jianzhi brand are mainly made of malleable iron and ductile iron.

Jianzhi Black Pipe Fittings

Q2: How to check the air tightness of the black pipe fittings?

A: For the air tightness of black pipe fittings, Jianzhi Group has more than 200 testing equipment. All products are 100% tested. Test standard: 0.7Mpa air pressure, no bubbles for more than 5 seconds.

Q3: Are black pipe fittings weldable?

A: For small OD pipe, we will connect fittings by threaded. The material of the black pipe fittings are malleable iron, stainess steel, etc. For big OD pipe, we will connect fittings through weld, the material usually is carbon steel.

Q4: How are black pipe fittings measured?

A: For the measurement and inspection of black pipe fittings dimensions, there are several measuring tools for threaded pipe fittings. Vernier callipers are used for size measurement, electronic scales are used for weight measurement, and plug gauges and ring gauges are used for thread accuracy measurement. Then compare the corresponding production standards to confirm whether the product is qualified.

Q5: Does black pipe fittings rust?

A: Compare black pipe fittings (black malleable iron pipe fittings) with galvanized pipe fittings, the black one is rust easier because the surface doesn’t have any protection. Usually, the black pipe fittings will be used for the gas pipe system and petroleum pipe system. For the water system, galvanized pipe fittings are better.

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