Fire Fighting Pipeline System

by | Mar 23, 2022 | Industry Application, Technical Data

Fire fighting pipeline refers to the pipeline system used in fire suppression, connecting firefighting equipment to equipment, and transporting water during fire suppression. Due to special requirements, the thickness and material of fire-fighting pipes have to meet specific specifications, and red paint is applied to transport fire-fighting water pipeline system.

The fire pipeline is often in a static state, so the requirements for the pipeline are relatively stringent. It must be resistant to pressure, corrosion, and high temperatures.

Fire Fighting Pipeline System
Main connectors for fire pipelines include grooved fittings, threaded cast iron pipe fittings, flanges, butt welded pipe fittings, etc. These connectors are normally purchased with fire valves, anti-vibration brackets, and so on.
Jianzhi Grooved Pipe Fittings include grooved couplings, elbow, tee, cross, mechanical tee, mechanical cross, reducer, flange adaptor, grooved flange, cap.
Material: ASTM A536, GRADE 65-45-12, QT450-10
Threads: ASME B1.20.1,ISO 7-1,GB 7306
Available Size: 1″-24″
Certification: FM, UL
Surface Treatment: Epoxy Paint, Dip Paint, Hot-dip Galvanized, Black.

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