Malleable iron fittings

What is malleable iron fittings?

M.I. Pipe Fittings hold two different pipe parts together and direct the gas and liquid movement. Some malleable pipe fittings are threaded, meaning that they have grooved ends that allow plumbers to screw the pipe fittings on the pipes, letting plumbers connect different pipes together.

Malleable iron fittings are durable, temperature resistant and they can also withstand high mechanical stress making them greatly popular in plumbing and pipework industries. These types of fittings are often galvanised with a standard jointing technology enabling them to be used safely in a broad range of applications.

There are many advantages of using malleable iron pipe fittings including shock and corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. If the fittings are galvanised with highly pure zinc they can be used to transport drinking water. The narrow threads help to achieve precise alignment when sealing, reducing the likelihood of leakage from the pipes.

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Fitting Types

There are many different malleable iron fitting types available depending on the application they are required. Pipe fittings are available self-colour  (Black Pipe Fittings) or Galvanized Pipe Fittings finish and include:

Elbows , Tees , Crosses , Reducers , Sockets , Nipples , Plugs ,Caps , Nuts


Applications for Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings

  1. Commercial vehicle construction
  2. Machines for paper production
  3. Gas lines in petrol stations
  4. Oil, cooling and lubrication pipes
  5. Gas emulsion and pressurised air pipe work
  6. Sprinkler and gas fire extinguishing systems
  7. Cooling and air conditioning
  8. Sanitary, heating and gas installation