BSPT Thread Fittings

Jianzhi fittings offers top quality British standard pipe taper (BSPT) adapters.These BSPT fittings have tapered threads, all of which have a 55° angle on the face of the thread, and all BSPT fittings can be fitted.

BSPT (British Standard Pipe Thread)

As a common pipe thread connection with good sealing, pressure resistance and abrasion resistance, inch pipe thread is widely used in industrial and construction fields. Understanding its characteristics and application areas is conducive to better application of this connection method, improving work efficiency and safety.

Application areas of inch pipe thread

1. Industrial field: inch pipe thread is widely used in industrial fields, such as machine tools, compressors, air power machinery, engineering machinery, petrochemical equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, paper machinery, food equipment, pharmaceutical equipment and so on. Due to the good sealing and reliability of the inch pipe thread connection, it can adapt to high pressure, high temperature, high speed and other harsh working conditions, so it is widely used in the industrial field.

2. Construction: Fractional pipe threads can also be used in the construction field, such as building columns, load-bearing structures, bridges and so on. The British pipe thread connection can be disassembled and assembled as many times as needed, which is convenient to build complex building structures and improve the stability and load-bearing capacity of the buildings.

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