4 Way Pipe Fitting Equal Cross Fig.180

Maximum Pressure:

25 BAR (363PSI) (2.5MPA) CLASS 150

Maximum Temperature:

200°C (392°F)

Tensile Strength:


Suitable Applications:

Water, Oil, Gas, Petro-Chemical

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Product Description

The black pipe cross fitting is one of the most commonly used fittings. We can see them in most buildings, Usually, they need a thicker wall and heavyweight to prevent the damage for 4 directions pipe threading.

The famous Olympic Game in 2008. Most of the builds are choose Jianzhi pipe fittings.
Such as National Stadium, National Aquatics Center
And also many famous landmark buildings in China.
Like National Centre for the Performing Arts of China, Carton Tower and CITIC Tower.

4 way black pipe fitting

4 way black pipe fitting

Product Parameters

Standard:EN10242 / ANSI / ASME B16.3 / DIN2950 / IS0 49 / NBR6943 / IS1879 / BS EN10242
Threaded Standard:EN10226 / ASME B.1.20.1 / DIN2999 / ISO7-1 / ISO228 / IS554 / BS EN10226
Work Pressures:PN25 / 2.5Mpa / 363PSI /CLASS 150 / 25Bar
Certification:UL Listed /FM Approved /CE /ABNT /TSE /SNI /ISI


Product Dimensions

Technical Data

Maximum Pressure:25 BAR (363PSI) (2.5MPA) CLASS 150
Maximum Temperature:200°C (392°F)
Tensile Strength:350MPA
Hardness:HB150 (Brinell)
Elongation Rate:10%
Suitable Applications:Water, Oil, Gas, Petro-Chemical
Material:Malleable Iron

The black pipe cross fitting is the pipe fitting that controls the fluid or the gas to be transported in all directions. Jianzhi 180 four ways pipe fitting is a kind of equal diameter four-way pipe fitting, which means that the diameter of four outlets is the same.
Jianzhi 180 4 way black pipe fittings are made of malleable cast iron and connected by pipe thread. The pressure bearing capacity can reach 2.5MPa,The surface treatment is nature black with a good appearance and performance. Size cover from 1/2” to 4”.

we supply black iron threaded pipe fittings dimensions as follow, normal black iron pipe fitting dimensions are

  • 1/4 inch black pipe cross fitting
  • 1/2 inch black pipe cross fitting
  • 3/4 inch 4 way black pipe cross fitting
  • 1 inch bblack pipe cross fitting
  • 1 1/4 inch black pipe cross fitting
  • 1 1/2 inch black pipe cross fitting
  • 2 inch black pipe cross fitting
  • 3 inch black pipe cross fitting
  • 4 inch black pipe cross fitting

Wholesale Black Iron Pipe Fittings

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