Black pipe cross fitting

What is black pipe cross fitting?

A black pipe cross fitting is a type of fitting used to connect four pipes of the same size and shape. It is typically made of black malleable iron and is used in plumbing, HVAC, and industrial systems. Especially, it’s most commonly used to connect four pipes of the same diameter. However, it can also be as used to connect pipes of different sizes.

Main 5 Production process of black pipe cross fittings

Black pipe cross fittings are made of steel pipe material that meets ASTM A53 specifications. The steel is high-grade carbon steel that is durable and corrosion resistant. Additionally, if you consider to buy from China market, normally its standard matches to GB.

Long sections of black pipe are cut to size. and the ends are beveled and deburred to allow for proper welding.

For cross fittings and tee fittings, the weld joints are machined. Additionally, its shaped into the proper cross or tee configuration using lathes and milling machines. The machining creates the intersecting sections with smooth radii.

Some black pipe cross fittings receive an internal and external protective coating like zinc plating or paint coating. The coating helps prevent corrosion and also provides an attractive finished appearance. However, Not all fittings receive a coating.

Brief of Jianzhi Pipe-Fitting

With high quality materials and precision craftsmanship, black pipe cross fittings can withstand the high pressures and durability requirements of industrial piping systems. Certainly, a trusted China pipe fittings manufacturer like JianZhi is also important point to consider. We may provide oversea customers quality black pipe cross fitting. At the same time, we accept OEM production according to customers’ demand.

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