Black Pipe Fittings

Black iron pipe fittings are used to make connections to black iron pipe.
This black threaded fittings are used to join black piping together and help provide a seamless flow within malleable iron fittings.

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There are many different malleable iron fitting types available depending on the application they are required. Pipe fittings are available self-colour (black malleable fittings) finish and include:


If you’re joining your black iron piping to a pipe made of a different type of metal, avoid corrosion and pipe failure with one of our dielectric fittings.

Our wholesale black pipe fittings are made of durable materials that with stand high pressures and temperatures.
For this reason, black iron fittings and supplies are the best option when it comes to transporting water, oil or gas.

If you want to make a bulk purchase, we offer wholesale discounts and simple financing plans for large orders.Jianzhi Pipe Fittings is a professional pipe fittings manufacturer, your trusted partner. Welcome Inquiry!

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