Classification of Black Malleable iron pipe fittings

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Black malleable iron pipe fittings, also known as black heart malleable iron pipe fittings. Get black pipe fittings catalog.

Because the section of malleable cast iron is black, it is called black heart pipe fittings. The section is white and is white-hearted malleable cast iron. The material of black malleable iron pipe fittings is malleable steel.

Because of the advantages of corrosion resistance, low price and convenient threaded connection, it is widely used in pipeline connection, changing the direction and size of fluid, etc. The main application scenarios are fire protection systems, water systems, gas and oil pipeline systems, agricultural irrigation systems, seawater desalination treatment systems, refrigeration and HVAC systems, etc.

What is the production process of black malleable iron pipe fittings? The production process of pipe fittings includes: smelting of raw materials, pouring molten iron into molds, annealing, polishing, galvanizing, aligning and scraping, threading, air tightness testing, packaging.

Get black pipe fittings catalog

Classification of black malleable iron pipe fittings? Common black malleable iron pipe fittings are: 90°elbow, tee, socket/coupling, nipples, bushings, union, reducing elbow, reducing tee, reducing socket/coupling, conical seat union, brass seat union , union elbow and so on.

Size of black fittings: 1/8” -6”. According to different thread standards, black malleable iron pipe fittings include American ASTM standard thread pipe fittings, British EN10242 standard thread pipe fittings, international ISO standard thread pipe fittings, German DIN standard pipe fittings, etc. In order to meet different market demands, pipe fittings include heavy duty fittings, medium duty fittings and light duty fittings. The certificates of pipe fittings generally include FM fire fighting certificate, UL drinking water certificate, and different certificates in various countries, such as Brazil ABNT certificate, Turkey TSE certificate, British kite certificate, etc.

There are three surface treatment methods for black malleable iron pipe fittings: hot-dip galvanizing, electro-galvanizing, and sandblasting. Pipe fittings include hot-dip galvanized pipe fittings, electro-galvanized pipe fittings, and black product pipe fittings. Hot-dip galvanized pipe fittings are generally used in humid places with high requirements for corrosion resistance. black malleable iron pipe fittings are generally used in oil and gas systems and dry environments.

The following are the main categories of black pipe fittings made of malleable iron, and the corresponding product names.

TypesCode No.Name
Elbows90Black Elbow 90 degree, equal
Elbows90RBlack Elbow 90 degree, reducing
Elbows90UBlack Return Bend
Elbows92Black Elbow 90 degree, Male and Female, equal
Elbows92RBlack Elbow 90 degree, Male and Female, reducing
Elbows95Black Union Elbow, flat seat
Elbows96Black Union Elbow, conical seat
Elbows97Black Union Elbow, flat seat, Male and Female
Elbows98Black Union Elbow, conical seat, Male and Female
Elbows120Black Elbow 45 Degree, equal
Elbows471Black Bracket Elbow
Elbows1221Black Side Outlet Elbow
Bends1Black Bend 90 degree, Male and Female
Bends2Black Bend 90 degree, female
Bends40Black Bend 45 degree, Male and Female
Bends41Black Bend 45 degree, female
Tee130Black Tee, equal, female
Tee130RBlack Tee, reducing
Tee131RBlack Tee, reducing
Tee165Black Lateral Y Branch, 45 degree
Cross180Black Cross, equal, female
Cross180RBlack Cross, reducing, female
Cross1223Black Side Outlet Tee
Union330Black Union, flat seat
Union331Black Union, flat seat, Male and Female
Union340Black Union, conical seat
Union341Black Union, conical seat, Male and Female
Union342Black Union, conical brass seat
Union343Black Union, conical brass seat, Male and Female
Union372Black Union Tail Piece (part of 330)
Union374Black Union Nut (part of 330)
Sockets220Black Socket, part threaded, female
Sockets240Black Socket, reducing
Sockets246Black Socket, Male and Female, reducing
Sockets270Black Socket, entire threaded
Sockets529ABlack Socket, Male and Female
Crossover85Black Crossover
Bushing241Black Bushing, Male and Female
Nipple245Black Nipple, reducing
Nipple280Black Nipple, equal
Plug290Black Plug, beaded
Plug291Black Plug, plain
Round Flange321Black Round Flange, Without Bolt Hole
Round Flange329Black Round Flange, With 4 Bolt Holes
Caps300Black Cap, hexagon
Caps301Black Cap, round
Compression CouplingLCCBlack Long Compression Coupling
Compression CouplingSCCBlack Short Compression Coupling
black pipe fittings catalog

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