Black Pipe Cross Fittings and Black Pipe T Fittings

by | Jun 2, 2023 | News

Black iron pipe fittings are essential components for joining pipes in plumbing, HVAC, and industrial applications. Two of the most common black pipe fittings are cross fittings and tee fittings.

Black Pipe Cross Fittings

Black pipe cross fittings have 4 outlet arms oriented at 90 degree angles to each other. They are used to connect 4 lengths of pipe that meet at perpendicular orientations.

Types of cross fittings include:

  • Standard cross fittings – Basic 90 degree fitting
  • Threaded cross fittings – Has male NPT or female NPT threads for screwing into pipe ends
  • Reducing cross fittings – Allows joining pipes of two different sizes
  • Welding cross fittings – Has outlet arms designed for welding rather than threading

Black Pipe T Fittings

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Black pipe tee fittings have 3 outlet arms, with 2 arms oriented at 90 degrees and the third arm coming out either the top or bottom. They are used to split or combine pipe runs.

Types of tee fittings include:

  • Standard black pipe tees
  • Reducing black pipe tees – Joins pipes of different sizes
  • Threaded black iron tees – Outlet arms have threaded connections
  • Close black pipe tees – Smaller profiles with closely spaced outlet arms
  • Welding black iron tees – Has arms designed for welding rather than threading

Both black pipe cross fittings and tee fittings are available in various sizes to match common pipe diameters. They are made of cast or ductile iron and have a machined or as-cast finish.

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