The Uses and Benefits of Black Steel Pipe Fittings From Jianzhi Manufacturer

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Who Is JianZHi?

With a founding date of 1982, Jianzhi has grown into a leading manufacturer and supplier of cast iron pipe fittings. The company currently employs approximately 4,500 people including over 350 technical engineers. Jianzhi’s distribution network spans more than 100 countries worldwide.

As jianzhi malleable iron pipe fittings manufacturers, Jianzhi’s mission is to enhance safety globally by offering high-quality cast iron pipe fittings for use in homes and buildings. The company is committed to delivering premium fittings and building trusted relationships with customers worldwide.

For over three decades, Jianzhi has focused on innovation, excellence and customer service to create long-term value for stakeholders. The company aims to become the world’s premier supplier of dependable and durable cast iron pipe fittings.

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As Leading Pipe Fittings Manufacturer, We Tell You More About Fittings

Black steel pipe fittings are commonly used in both commercial and industrial piping systems to connect steel pipes. Made from low or mild carbon steel, black steel fittings offer benefits like strength, durability and affordability. Below is related products information by Jianzhi manufacturer.

What are Black Steel Pipe Fittings?

Black steel pipe fittings are manufactured from low or mild carbon steel that has not undergone further surface treatment or coating. The fittings therefore retain the black color of the uncoated steel material.

Unlike galvanized steel fittings, black steel fittings are not dipped in zinc to form a corrosion resistant coating. They are primarily used for “dry” applications that do not expose the fittings to excessive moisture.

Black steel pipe fittings include a wide range of types like elbows, tees, couplings, unions, caps, reducers and more. The fittings are generally welded or threaded to connect plain end steel pipes.

Uses And Benefits Of Black Steel Pipe Fittings

  • Cost-effectiveness: Compared to galvanized steel fittings, black steel fittings have lower costs since they do not require a corrosion-resistant coating.
  • Strength: Black steel pipe fittings are made from carbon steel that can withstand pressures up to 300 PSI while maintaining an appropriate safety factor.
  • Durability: When used in applications that do not involve excessive corrosion, properly manufactured black steel fittings can last for many years due to the ductility and toughness of the steel material.
  • Wide variety: Black steel fittings are available in a broad range of types, sizes, pressure ratings, and dimensional standards to meet different piping needs.
  • Compatibility: Black steel fittings can connect to plain end carbon steel pipes of various sizes as well as other pipe materials using suitable joining methods.
  • Chinese manufacturing: Black steel pipe fitting producers in China offer quality products at competitive prices due to China’s advanced steel industry and lower manufacturing costs.

Applications Of Black Steel Pipe Fittings

  • Oil and gas gathering lines – Carrying wellhead hydrocarbons short distances to treatment facilities.
  • Air Lines – Transporting compressed air in industrial environments that are relatively “dust free”.
  • Conveyor lines – Used to pneumatically power food grade conveyors in processing plants.
  • Vacuum lines – Creating vacuum systems in industrial machines.
  • Water lines – Used for “dry” applications that do not involve constant water exposure like pond aeration systems.
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