Versatile Cast Iron For Industrial Piping Systems

by | Nov 28, 2023 | News

Wherever water, wastewater or corrosive substances flow, cast iron alloy fittings and couplings deliver a proven combination of durability, strength and corrosion resistance backed by over a century of field-tested performance. As leading cast iron pipe fittings couplings manufacturer, JIANZHI always provides quality cast iron pipe fittings, such as couplings, now let us read below:

Superior Material Properties

JIANZHI’s fittings leverage ASTM A74 and A536 cast iron alloys with natural antioxidants providing self-lubricating properties. Their composition is denser and less porous than alternate materials, fending off rust and leaks better over decades of harsh exposure.

Extensive Product Offerings

Our inventory includes elbows, tee branches, bushings, couplings and more in types DI, DWV, no-hub or flexible configurations. Diameters range from 1.5″ through 48″ for projects transporting everything from process steam to storm runoff.

Corrosion Prevention

Centrifugally-cast fittings form a protective oxide layer and retain corrosion-inhibiting graphite flakes within their matrixes. Regular epoxy paint coatings on special request provide secondary barriers in highly corrosive settings.

High Pressure Strength

Fittings withstand working pressures up to 350 PSI, rated for over 150 feet of water column. Their compact wall structures and joining styles accommodate occasional surge pressures beyond rated capacity to ensure safety.

Flexible Connectivity

No-hub couplings compress fittings securely in waste and vent stacks without soldering, saving time during retrofits. Flexible transition joints adapt dissimilar materials while absorbing thermal expansion joint movements.


Yanard complies fully with AWWA, NSF, ASTM, ICC and plumbing/building codes. Fittings undergo third-party validation at SGS verifying pressure/leakage specifications, microanalysis, dimensional tolerances and coating durability.

Service Support

An in-house expert team aids with material selection, design reviews and on-site consultation. Training classes transfer leakage-prevention techniques. Regular plant visits ensure products meet evolving requirements.

Through superior cast iron alloy composition along with versatile joining innovations, JIANZHI delivers coupling and fitting solutions engineered to protect critical infrastructure reliably for decades to come through any conditions.