What are black pipe fittings

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Fittings are made of an alloy of gray high-strength cast iron with nodular graphite (VCSHG). To improve the anti-corrosion properties, all parts are treated with a special compound. As such a tool, a bituminous mixture is used, which protects the surface of the fitting from mechanical damage and increases the resistance of the elements to high temperatures. Cast iron parts are repairable and can be used for reinstallation.

Cast iron fittings are divided according to several criteria, the main of which is the functional purpose of the part.

Couplings are designed to connect pipes of the same diameter.

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Transitional couplings are used for installation of pipes of various sizes.

Elbows are used to change the direction of the pipeline, and are available with 30, 45, 60 and 90 degree swivel angles.

Tees allow branching of the pipeline and are used to connect plumbing, washing machines and dishwashers to the sewer system.

Crosses are used to form two branches coming out of the same branch.

Plugs, flanges and caps are mounting parts and are designed to block the end sections of the pipeline, for example, heating radiators.

Fitting – a shaped part designed to connect a metal pipe with a plastic hose.

In addition to the bituminous mixture, some types of fittings designed for drinking water pipes are coated with zinc. Such models are much superior to their non-galvanized counterparts and are characterized by increased strength and resistance to rust. The only limitation to the use of galvanized connectors is the hot water system. It is better to put non-galvanized parts on such pipes.


Cast iron fittings are connecting elements used to form sewer networks, water pipes, gas mains and heating systems. In addition to the construction of pipelines, shaped elements made of cast iron have found wide application in industry and the extractive industries. In the modern plumbing market, cast iron fittings are represented by tees, crosses, couplings and bends. Each product is equipped with a lock nut made of structural steel.

All fittings have a pipe thread, which, together with special sealing materials, provides a reliable and tight connection of all elements of the system. However, the threaded connection is able to withstand temperatures up to 175 degrees. If this parameter is exceeded, it is better to refuse to use the threaded method. In this case, it is more reasonable to use welding. Tow, moistened with paint, or linen thread treated with red lead is used as joint seals. Good results are obtained by the use of FUM tapes and threads.

The role of cast iron fittings in the pipeline system cannot be overestimated. With their help, pipes of different sections are connected, and they also change the horizontal and vertical direction of communications. Fittings are perfect for connecting sewer pipes to plumbing, for forming turns and knots of any complexity, as well as for installing pipelines with large height differences. The elements are quite versatile and can be used for both internal and external sewage. All shaped parts made of cast iron are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of EN10242, which guarantees their high quality and durability.

The popularity and demand for cast iron fittings are due to a number of undeniable advantages of these elements.

A long service life, reaching 80 years, favorably distinguishes cast iron products from steel, brass and plastic counterparts.

The possibility of repeated use of fittings allows you to make a high-quality connection and significantly save on material.

Full tightness of joints. In some cases, to increase the guarantee of the strength of the system, the docking points are coated with an organic or polymeric sealant and tightened with a lock nut. After additional procedures, there is no need to worry about fluid leakage from the system.

Low cost and wide consumer availability makes cast iron fittings even more attractive.

Due to the presence of a thread, even a novice plumber can carry out the installation of the pipeline. In addition, steel and plastic pipes are usually connected by welding or crimping. If a blockage occurs, these connections do not allow you to quickly disassemble the system and clean the pipe. And the presence of a thread, on the contrary, allows you to quickly unscrew the fitting, break through the blockage and install the element in place. The carving can be applied both on internal, and on external parts of products in any combinations.

In addition to the threaded mounting method, cast iron fittings can be connected to pipes by welding. This greatly expands the scope of the parts and facilitates their use in systems subject to high loads.

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