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The most important thing when buying malleable pipe fittings or grooved pipe fittings is the quality. If the quality is not up to standard, it will not only affect the construction period and bring economic losses, but also cause pipeline leakage and catastrophic consequences.

Therefore, when you buy fire-fighting pipe fittings such as malleable or grooves, you must confirm whether the products produced by this manufacturer have relevant product quality certification. Certified products generally have undergone strict third-party product quality tests, and have certain guarantees in terms of safety in use.

The malleable pipe fittings produced by Jianzhi Group passed the FM certification of grooved products in 2015, and passed the FM certification of malleable steel products in 2017. These two certifications demonstrate the high quality and reliability of Jianzhi Group’s products. Internationally, FM is one of the most important certifications in the field of malleable products. The following article will explain in detail why FM certification is important and what this certification means for a product.

What is FM certification

FM Global Insurance was founded in 1835. Currently, more than one-third of the world’s top 500 companies are FM insurance customers, including well-known industry giants, such as Airbus, Boeing, Intel and FedEx, etc. The vast majority of these corporate giants’ production sites around the world are underwritten by FM Global Insurance.

As the bearer of claims liability, FM naturally does not want the client’s property to be in danger. To this end, FM has established a unique insurance operation mechanism in the world – “based on engineering technology”. From the design and site selection stage of the insurance customer’s new production base/plant, to the actual construction and final acceptance, FM’s on-site engineering and technical personnel will participate in and always provide advice and guidance on aspects involving property safety. With more than 1,800 field engineers worldwide, FM conducts more than 62,000 field visits each year and provides insurance services for more than 130,000 production sites in 132 countries.

In order to ensure that customers can choose products of excellent quality, FM Approvals—FM Approved Company was established under FM Global Insurance Company. It can be said that the birth, development and growth of FM certification company is for a clear purpose: “certify truly excellent products and help customers protect property safety”. Because of this, FM certified products are not all-encompassing, but are clearly aimed at building materials, fire protection products, and electrical products that are closely related to property safety.

Value of FM certification

The FM standard is not well known due to its unique underwriter background. When building contractors in developed countries such as the United States choose fire protection products, whether the target product has obtained FM certification is the first question they must consider. In the construction of various large-scale fire protection projects in China, the certification requirements for FM certification are also very common.

FM certification is generally recognized around the world, and obtaining this certification is a symbol of product quality, indicating that the product or service has passed the highest international standard testing. On a global scale, only fire protection products that have obtained FM certification can be insured for related property insurance or fire insurance, otherwise the insurance company refuses the insurer to insure.

At present, more than 45,000 products worldwide have passed FM certification. FM certification standards can not only meet the requirements of consumers for product quality, but also the status of products in the market will be greatly improved. The FM test report of industrial and commercial products is generally recognized around the world, and the “FM” certification mark is also a symbol of the highest quality in the minds of consumers.

At the same time, the FM Approval mark somehow transcends the value of the certification itself. Customers of FM Global Insurance also tend to use FM Approved products to protect their property. Because FM certified products represent reliable performance and can effectively reduce the risk of assets. At the same time, products that have obtained FM certification can also be recognized by the global market and have great commercial value.

Products that have obtained FM certification are equivalent to entering the North American market, not only can they be recognized by a large number of FM customer groups, but also can obtain installation licenses from fire authorities in various regions of North America.

In addition, FM certified products can also enter the countries and regions where the laboratories mutually recognized by the FM certification body are located. If the region has a mutual recognition agreement with FM, products will no longer require local re-testing when entering these markets, and can also obtain the logo of the country and region’s certification testing agency.

FM certification of Jianzhi Group

The malleable or grooved products produced by Jianzhi Group have always been known for their high quality. In order to further demonstrate the product quality of Jianzhi Group to customers, the company has always attached importance to various authoritative third-party inspections. The malleable pipe fittings produced by Jianzhi Group passed the FM certification of grooved products in 2015 and the malleable in 2017. So far, all products of Jianzhi Group have passed FM certification.

GI fittings FM Certificate
Jianzhi Group’s groove product FM certification
GI fittings FM Certificate
Jianzhi Group Malleable Products FM Certification
pipe elbow 90 degree
Black 90 Degree Elbow with FM Logo

Products with FM certification will have the FM logo printed on the surface of the product. I hope you must pay attention to this when inspecting the supplier’s products. Jianzhi Group owns the largest professional malleable manufacturing plant in China, and has the strongest malleable fitting production capacity in China. You can also click the link below to watch the product demonstration video of Jianzhi Group. Through the video, I believe you will feel more intuitively how exquisite these pipe fittings are.

The products of Jianzhi Group have also passed many product certifications, and we intend to introduce these certifications one by one in a series of articles. These certifications are the recognition of the quality of Jianzhi Group’s products. We are very willing to convey the high quality of Jianzhi Group’s products through the explanation of these certifications. Of course, you are welcome to follow us, and you are also welcome to inquire with us.

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