How to remove galvanized pipe fittings

by | May 6, 2024 | News

If you have enough experience in this industry which needs to use the galvanized pipe fittings, you certainly know that the categories of the galvanized pipe fittings.

Usually, the pipe fittings have these kinds.

  1. Elbow: if we want to change the direction of a pipeline, it can help us. And it typically at an angle of 45° or 90°.
  2. Reducer pipe fitting: in many times, we always need connects different diameters’ pipes in the pipelines, then we will choose the reducer to help us complete this work. Of course, it can be concentric or eccentric.
  3. Coupling: different with the reducer, it is good at joining the same diameter’s pipes together. And it often used to extend a line or repair a break.
  4. Union: it is similar to a coupling, but it is designed to allow disconnection and reconnection of pipes without cutting the line. It is useful for maintenance to us.
  5. Cap: to avoid the pipe interior be polluted. we use the cap to closes the end of a pipe. And it can also prevent the liquid outflow pipe.
  6. Plug:  it is similar with cap, it can also seal a pipe end, but it is more suitable to the threaded systems.
  7. Valve: which can regulate or stop the flow of fluid in a pipeline. And the valves have many kinds, such as the gate, ball, globe, check, and butterfly valves.
  8. 3 way pipe fitting: A fitting which has three openings. In many scenes, it is used to connect pipes in a T-shaped configuration. For this reason, it is suitable for branching and mixing flows.
  9. Cross: Similar to a tee but with four openings, allowing connections in multiple directions.
  10. Nipple: A short length of pipe which has threaded on both ends. It can play a role in connecting other fittings or extending pipe runs.
  11. Bushings: Reduces the size of a female opening to accommodate a smaller pipe or fitting.
  12. Swivel Adapter: Allows a fixed pipe to be connected to a swivel joint, enabling rotation to align with another fitting or pipe.
 Galvanized Pipe Fittings

After know the kinds of the pipe fittings, we need to know the methods of remove the galvanized pipe fittings.

The first before the removing, we should ensure the water or gas supply to the pipe is turned off. At the same time, if we have the condition, we better wear the safety goggles and gloves.

The second method is assessing the situation. We need to figure out the types of the fitting which we are dealing with. Usually, the galvanized pipe fittings are threaded or soldered. But how to connect galvanized pipe without threads. The answer is soldered.

If the fitting is soldered, we need to heat it to melt the solder. In this procession, we always use the propane torch which can apply heat evenly around the fitting until the solder melts. Once the solder has melted, please quickly remove the fitting using a pipe wrench or similar tool because the fitting may still be hot. And when it cold, we need to clean remaining solder and flux residue on the fittings.

If the pipe fitting is threaded. We need a pipe wrench, secure the pipe with one wrench while you turn the fitting counterclockwise with another wrench. Rember we must use the steady pressure to ensure we can twist off them smoothly. If the fitting is stuck, we can try applying penetrating oil to loosen it. Let the oil sit for a while to penetrate the threads before attempting to remove the fitting again. If the fitting is still stuck when we have tried the ways which have mentioned above, we can apply heat to expand the metal slightly. But when we use the method, we should be cautious not to overheat the pipe or surrounding materials.

Whether the pipe fittings are threaded or soldered, we all need to take our time and proceed with caution to avoid damaging the pipes or surrounding structures. If you want to choose the pipe fittings, you can consider the China pipe fittings at first, because we can not only promise we can provide the high-quality fittings, we can also provide the prices at a good value.