3 Way Pipe Fittings Iron 90 Side Outlet Elbow Fig.1221

3 way galvanized pipe fittings /  3 way black pipe fittings

Product Description

3 way pipe fittings is one type of malleable iron pipe fittings.We supply 3 way galvanized pipe fittings & 3 way black pipe fittings. 

Jianzhi is a quality manufacturer of malleable iron pipe fittings. We provide almost all types of mi fittings, welcome to inquire.

Product Overview

  • Constructed of made-to-last malleable iron
  • Not for use with potable water
  • 3-way fitting can be used as a corner piece or other joining piece for an industrial decor project
  • IPS threads for compatibility with other project materials such as lamp parts, valves, etc.
  • Pipe decor line contains an array of fittings and connectors for a variety of projects that can be used with other pipe decor 1/2 in. fittings or other gas fittings
  • Pipe preparation materials not included



3 way black pipe fittings-Side Outlet Elbow


Q : Can 3 way black pipe fittings be used in natural gas hook ups/runs?
A : Yes, this side outlet elbow can be used in gas, air and LP applications.