Main parameters and significance of grooved Rigid Coupling

by | May 29, 2024 | News

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What is China pipe fittings

As a mechanical transmission element, groove coupling is widely used in various industrial machinery and equipment. It can realize the connection and transmission between two axes, and at the same time has certain elasticity, buffering and shock absorption functions.

Main parameters and significance of grooved Rigid Coupling

In order to ensure the correct selection and use of groove couplings, it is necessary to understand its main parameters and their significance.

1. Torque transmission capability

Torque transmission capability is one of the core parameters of a groove coupling, which represents the maximum torque value that the coupling can transmit. This parameter is directly related to the use effect of the coupling in the actual working environment. When selecting the coupling, the appropriate coupling model must be determined based on the maximum torque required by the mechanical system.

2. Axis spacing range

The shaft spacing range refers to the range of distance changes between the two shafts that the groove coupling can adapt to. When different mechanical systems are running, the distance between the two axes may change due to various factors. Therefore, the coupling of grooved rigid coupling needs to have sufficient shaft distance adjustment capabilities to ensure stable operation of the system.

3. Angular deviation range

The angular deviation range refers to the angular deviation between the two shafts that the groove coupling can withstand. In practical applications, due to installation errors, equipment vibration, etc., there may be a certain angular deviation between the two axes. The angular deviation range of the China pipe fittings coupling should meet this requirement to ensure the normal operation of the mechanical system.

4. Axial displacement range

The axial displacement range refers to the allowable axial displacement of the groove coupling when subjected to axial force. In some cases, the mechanical system may cause axial displacement due to uneven force or thermal expansion. In this case, the coupling needs to have a certain axial displacement adjustment capability to maintain the stability and reliability of the system.

5. Rated torque and speed

The rated torque and speed are the performance parameters of the groove coupling under normal working conditions. These parameters represent the maximum torque and speed range considered when designing the coupling. When selecting, ensure that the actual working torque and speed of the China pipe fittings mechanical system do not exceed the rating of the coupling.

6. Moment of inertia and rigidity

Moment of inertia and rigidity are important parameters reflecting the dynamic characteristics of groove couplings. The moment of inertia affects the dynamic response and stability of the system, while the stiffness is related to the vibration and noise levels of the system. When selecting, the appropriate coupling needs to be selected based on the specific needs of the mechanical system and the working environment.

7. Weight and clearance value

Weight is a basic physical parameter of the groove coupling, which is related to the convenience of installation and use. The clearance value refers to the shaft center clearance allowed for the coupling during assembly, which affects the assembly accuracy and transmission efficiency of the coupling.

8. Applicable temperature range

The applicable temperature range refers to the ambient temperature range that the groove coupling can withstand during normal operation. Couplings made of different materials have different temperature resistance properties. When selecting, the appropriate material and model must be determined according to the temperature conditions of the working environment.

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