Advantages and customized services of grooved pipe fittings

by | May 31, 2024 | Industry Knowledge

Grooved pipe fittings are a new type of steel pipe connection fittings. They are widely used in many occasions such as automatic sprinkler system design specifications, construction projects, industrial fields, urban infrastructure construction and agricultural fields.

Traditional fittings are flanged and welded in pipeline connections. The characteristic of this connection is that it requires professional technicians. A lot of smoke will be generated during use, causing air pollution. Now it has been gradually eliminated and people have begun to use a new type of Grooved Fittings.

Grooved Pipe Fittings

Advantages of grooved pipe fittings:

1. Convenient and fast installation: Grooved pipe fittings are connected by clamps, and no welding or galvanizing is required during the installation process, which saves time and effort. This connection method also reduces errors and omissions during the installation process and improves installation efficiency.

2. Good sealing, safe and reliable: Rubber sealing rings seals grooved pipe fittings.It have good sealing performance and effectively prevent leakage.

Grooved pipe fittings are firmly connected and can withstand greater pressure and tension, ensuring the safety and stability of the pipeline system.

3. Save materials and reduce costs: No welding installation, no thermal damage to the pipeline, and no damage to the galvanized layer of the pipeline. Save material costs.

4. Environmental protection and energy saving: No pollution and exhaust gas are generated during the installation process, and the impact on the environment is small. Due to its good sealing performance, it can effectively prevent pipeline leakage, reduce the waste of water resources and environmental pollution.

5. Wide range of applications: It can connect a variety of pipes such as cast iron pipes, galvanized steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, and can customize pipe fittings of different sizes and shapes according to actual needs. Meet the pipeline connection needs of different occasions and needs.

Grooved pipe fittings mainly include two categories of products:

1. Pipe fittings that play a connecting and sealing role. For example, rigid joints (fireproof clamps), flexible joints, mechanical tees and groove flanges. These groove lock pipe fittings usually consist of three parts: sealing rubber rings, clamps and locking bolts.

The rubber sealing ring is located on the outside of the connected pipe, matches the pre-rolled groove, and then the clamp is buckled and fastened with bolts. This type of grooved connector has good sealing performance, and its sealing performance will increase accordingly as the pressure of the fluid in the pipe increases.

2. Pipe fittings that serve as connection transitions, including elbows, tees, crosses, reducers and blind plates, and Grooved Coupling.

Fire Fighting Fitting

What are the customization options for grooved pipe fittings?

1. Material selection

Common materials include stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron, etc. Stainless steel has high corrosion resistance and strong aesthetics, and is suitable for occasions with high material performance requirements;

Carbon steel has high strength and low price. Cast iron has good compressive strength and wear resistance and is often used in special working environments.

2. Size specifications

Customers can determine the required pipe fittings diameter, wall thickness, length and other size specifications according to the specific needs of the pipeline system.

3. Connection method

Common connection methods include clamp connection, flange connection, threaded connection, etc. Customers can choose the appropriate connection method according to the actual installation environment and operational convenience.

4. Working pressure range

The working pressure range is one of the key indicators to be considered when customizing grooved pipe fittings.

5. Applicable media type

Different media have different corrosiveness and requirements on pipe fittings materials, so when customizing grooved pipe fittings, it is necessary to consider the applicable media type.

6. Temperature resistance

The pipe fittings need to be able to withstand the temperature range of the pipeline system without deformation, cracking or loss of sealing performance.

7. Surface treatment

According to the use environment and aesthetic requirements, customers can choose different surface treatment methods, such as painting, galvanizing, polishing, etc.

8. Special process requirements

Jianzhi provides you with customized grooved pipe fittings services. You can choose the material selection, size specifications and other aspects that suit you.