3 1/2 Inch Split Flange

Inch Split Flange The main material is ST52.3 SS316. Its size range is 102.0 mm, 76.0 mm, 114.3 mm, etc. They are highly resistant to corrosion and can be used in any environment.

Product Description

3 1/2 Inch Split Flange Advantages

  1. Easy to install and maintain: Split flanges can be easily installed on welded, glued pipe ends or corner rings.
  2. Fast installation: Compared with threaded flanges and butt welding flanges, split flanges can be installed faster.
  3. Structural Support: Weld neck split flanges provide additional structural support, enhancing pipe stability.

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3 1/2 Inch Split Flange Applications

3 1/2-inch split flanges are commonly found in the following systems:

  1. Ventilation Duct System: Leak-free duct connections.
  2. Water Distribution Network: For effective water management and control of water flow in residential, commercial and industrial settings.
  3. Industrial piping systems: Used to ensure the safe transmission of various fluids in industrial environments.
  4. Chemical Processing: Safe Transport of Corrosives.
  5. Oil and Gas Installations: Safely transport hydrocarbons from reservoirs to processing facilities.

Split Flange Details

3 1/2 Inch Split Flange

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