6 Way Black Pipe Fitting


Product Description

Product Detail

Product Name 6 Way Black Pipe Fitting
Size 1/2(DN15)- 4(DN100)
Material Malleable iron


Type Beaded end,banded end,plain end.
Surface Treatment Galvanized or Natural Black
Technology Electrophoresis and hot dip,spraying coating.
Usage Pipe furniture, Shelf brackets, lamp, plumbing…
MOQ 500 Pieces

Black steel pipe fittings have a complete production chain, outstanding performance, stability and reliability. The appearance design of china fittings follows fashion trends, is both practical and beautiful, and embodies our insistence on quality and respect for customers. Every detail and every result has been improved and rigorously tested to ensure that the user experience exceeds expectati


Easy to assembly,anti-rust treatment.high strength, good toughness.Smooth surface,perfectly matched thread,precise dimensions,easy to install.

Why Choose Us

Every connection in a ductwork system is a potential leak point. By using a single 6-way fitting instead of multiple tees or elbows, the number of connections is minimized, reducing the risk of leaks and making the system more reliable. While the upfront cost of a 6-way joint may be higher than a single component, it reduces the total number of joints required as well as associated materials (such as seals and adhesives) and labor costs for installation, making it cost-effective in the long run . With fewer accessories to install, the installation process is faster and simpler, saving time on initial setup. There are fewer connection points to manage, simplifying maintenance and future modifications.


Q1:Are you a factory or trading company?
A: Yes,we have own factory
Q2:Can I get some samples?
A: Yes,free samples are available for you.
Q3: How To Order quickly.
A:1To specify galvanized or black
2.To specify plain or banded or beaded
3.To specify elbow, tee or other, size and quantity.
Q4:what certificates do you have?
Q5:How does your factory do regarding quality control?
A: Founded in 1982, Jianzhi is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cast iron pipe fittings. Till now, Jianzhi has about 4,500 employees and more than 350 technical engineers with distributors covering over 100 countries around the world..
Q6: After sales service.
A: Quality are promised. We have a dedicated after-sales department to be responsible for all subsequent work after delivery

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