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Product Description

Product Description

A53b ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) Pipe, also known as A53b grade resistance welded steel pipe, is a carbon steel pipe produced in accordance with the “b” grade specification in the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) A53 standard.

This steel pipe has a wide range of applications in conveying low to medium pressure liquids and gases, as well as in mechanical structures and building structures due to its efficient manufacturing process and excellent performance characteristics.

Core Features of A53b ERW Pipe Fittings

1.Excellent physical properties. A53b ERW steel pipe exhibits good tensile strength and plasticity, has the ability to withstand a certain pressure, and is suitable for a variety of engineering applications.

2.High-quality welded joints. Produced through resistance welding technology, the weld is strong and consistent, with almost no visible welding defects.

3.Standardized size specifications. According to the ASTM A53 standard, a rich selection of outer diameters and wall thicknesses is provided to meet different engineering needs.

4.Versatile applications. Not only suitable for low and medium pressure liquid and gas transportation, but also can be used in the fields of construction and mechanical structures.

5.Reliable corrosion resistance: The corrosion resistance and service life of the pipe can be improved through surface treatment such as hot-dip galvanizing.

Application Scenarios

1. Industrial pipelines. Pipelines widely used in the chemical and petrochemical industries for transporting raw materials, finished products and waste.

2. Building and construction. Brackets and guardrails used for internal and external structures of buildings, as well as pipelines for transporting building materials.

3. Water treatment and water supply systems. As an important part of municipal water supply, sewage and rainwater systems.

4. Heat and air conditioning systems. Transport heat or cooling media to ensure efficient operation of the system.

5. Machinery manufacturing. In machines and equipment, used for transmission of hydraulic oil, gas, etc.

Production and Quality Assurance

1. We use automated high-frequency welding equipment to produce A53b ERW Pipe to ensure production efficiency and product quality reliability.

2.Strictly in accordance with ASTM A53 standards and other relevant international standards, from raw material procurement to finished product delivery, every step is strictly controlled and inspected.

3. Provide customized services, including specific size customization, surface coating selection, etc. to meet customers’ special needs.

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