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Product Description

Product Description

ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) Black Pipe Fittings are carbon steel pipe fittings manufactured using high-frequency resistance welding technology and coated with a protective black paint or coating. These pipe fittings are precisely manufactured and are designed to be used for connection, conversion or terminal closure of a variety of pipe systems, especially in applications that transport low-pressure fluids such as water, gas, oil and steam. In addition to providing high strength and good sealing, the black appearance also brings a simple and professional appearance to the pipe system.

Main Features of ERW Black Pipe

1.Superior welding quality. The use of resistance welding technology ensures the firmness and consistency of the welding interface of pipe fittings.

2.High strength and durability. The carbon steel material gives the pipe fittings excellent mechanical properties and long-term durability.

3.Good corrosion resistance. The black anti-corrosion paint or coating can effectively protect the pipe fittings from environmental and chemical corrosion.

4.Wide range of specifications. Provide a variety of types and sizes including elbows, tees, reducers, flanges, joints, etc. to meet different pipe connection needs.

5.Easy to install. The simple connection method is easy to install and maintain quickly, greatly reducing engineering costs.

Application scenarios

1.Water supply system. Applicable to water supply pipelines for residential, commercial buildings and municipal projects.

2.Natural gas transmission. Pipeline systems used to transport natural gas, including household and industrial applications.

3.HVAC system. In HVAC systems, it is used to connect various components and transport temperature regulation media.

4.Industrial fluid transportation. In chemical, petroleum and manufacturing industries, it is used for the transportation of various low-pressure fluids and industrial gases.

5.Buildings and structures. Connection interfaces for building supports and structural frames.

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