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Product Description

Product Description

ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) welded pipe fittings is a steel pipe manufactured by resistance welding technology, which uses high-frequency current to heat the edge of the strip and weld it under pressure to form a high-strength pipe.

ERW welded pipe is widely used in various industries, including oil and gas transportation, building structure support, and automobile manufacturing, with its excellent production efficiency, excellent dimensional accuracy and good mechanical properties.

Main features of ERW welded pipe

1.Uniform and stable weld. The use of high-frequency resistance welding technology ensures the uniformity and sealing of the weld, maintaining the overall strength and sealing of the pipe.

2.High dimensional accuracy. Advanced manufacturing process control enables ERW welded pipes to have extremely high dimensional accuracy, including diameter, wall thickness and length.

3.Excellent mechanical properties. The mechanical properties of ERW welded pipes are stable, capable of withstanding high pressure and bending loads, and suitable for use as pipes for structural support and fluid transportation.

4.Diverse surface treatment. A variety of surface treatments, such as painting, galvanizing, etc., can be performed to meet the anti-corrosion requirements in specific environments.

5.Environmental friendliness and sustainability. The production process is efficient, energy consumption is low, and it supports sustainable development.


1.Oil and gas transportation. Used to build long-distance oil and gas pipelines.

2.Structural applications.As supports and support columns for buildings, as well as bridges and road guardrails for large structures.

3.Automotive industry.Used in the manufacture of key components such as automobile chassis and exhaust pipes.

4.Industrial manufacturing.In mechanical manufacturing, as fluid delivery pipelines, mechanical structural parts, etc.

5.Water treatment facilities.Used in water pipelines in water treatment plants and irrigation systems.

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