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Product Description

Product Description

ERW Black Steel Pipe Fittings, also known as resistance welded black steel pipe fittings, are pipe fittings made from black steel pipes manufactured using resistance welding technology. They are widely used in engineering construction, machinery manufacturing, water supply and gas supply systems and other fields.

These fittings weld steel at high temperatures using high-frequency currents, and the surface is treated with a special black anti-rust treatment. They not only have excellent connection and sealing performance, but also provide long-term corrosion resistance and durability.

Core advantages:

1.High-quality welded joints: The use of resistance high-frequency welding technology ensures the stability of the welding process and the firmness of the welded joints, providing excellent mechanical strength.

2.Good corrosion resistance: The anti-rust paint or coating on the surface of the black steel pipe fittings provides good corrosion resistance and extends the service life of the fittings.

3.Reliable sealing performance: Continuous and uniform welding technology ensures the sealing of the interface and effectively prevents fluid leakage.

4.A wide range of specifications: The product line includes various types and sizes of fittings, such as elbows, tees, reducers, flanges, etc., to meet different engineering needs.

5.Economical: Compared with other processing technologies, the black steel pipe fittings produced by ERW process are more economical while maintaining high performance.

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