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Pipe Union is a type of fitting equipment designed in such a way to unite two pipes which can be detached without causing any deformation to the pipes. Any kind of small diameter piping connections requiring a positive seal and easy assembly as well as disassembly are made with the help of pipe union. In other words, the pipe unions can disjoint two pipes very easily. They are widely demanded in the pipe fitting market.

What is union in pipe fitting?

The union joint is a common pipe connection quick joint that can be easily installed and disassembled, and it is widely used. The pipe fittings connecting two pipes can separate the two pipes without moving the pipes, which is convenient for maintenance. Malleable union fittings generally consist of four parts, two threaded ports, link rings and gaskets. Union pipe fittings can connect and disassemble the pipeline quickly and conveniently, and the construction process is simple.

What are the types of unions?

There are many types of union fittings, with different materials and shapes. For malleable union pipe fittings, the difference mainly lies in the material and shape of the connecting surface, which can be divided into the following three types:

  1. Union, conical seat
  2. Union, flat seat
  3. Union, conical brass seat
Pipe Union, flat seat
Pipe Union,flat sea
pipe Union,conical seat
pipe union,conical seat
Black Threaded brass union with taper seat
Union, conical brass seat

Among these three, the conical copper seat union has the best connection effect, and of course the price is the highest.

Of course, the thread shape of the connection port can also be classified into internal thread union and internal thread union, which is mainly selected according to the thread condition of the connected pipe port.

What is the correct way to install a pipe union?

Malleable union fittings are really well connected, specifically:

  • The first step is to select the appropriate union according to the thread shape and size of the pipe to be connected. Here, we must pay special attention to the thread specification. The so-called thread specification is not simply the size of the thread, but the production standard of the thread. The problem is very complicated.
  • The second step is to assemble the union by hand and connect the two ends of the pipe. This step is very simple and no further introduction is needed. You can click the video below to watch the assembly and disassembly of the union
  • The third step, which is a critical step, is to tighten the union fitting with a long arm wrench. The reason why the union pipe fittings can ensure the sealing is due to the processing accuracy of the product on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is also necessary to tighten the union pipe fittings during installation. Yes, the sealing gasket of the union pipe fittings can fully bear the force, so as to achieve the whole Sealing of piping systems.

What Is the Difference Between Pipe Coupling and Union?

Pipe Coupling generally refers to grooved pipe fittings. As shown in the figure below, grooved pipe fittings are very different from malleable union pipe fittings, and the installation methods are also different. Grooved pipe fittings are generally suitable for larger diameter pipeline facilities, while malleable steel union pipe fittings connected by threads are suitable for smaller diameter pipeline systems. In addition, grooved connection and threaded connection are two completely different pipe connection methods. For the introduction of grooved pipe fittings connection, please refer to the following article:

grooved pipe fittings connection :https://www.jianzhipipefitting.com/2022/03/23/fire-fighting-pipeline-system/

Dimensions of union fittings

For the size of the union pipe fittings, please refer to the size specification table of the flat seat malleable union pipe fittings produced by Jianzhi Group. You can use this as an example to understand the general situation of the size of the malleable union pipe fittings and what descriptions are there.

Where is the most suitable place to import union pipe fittings?

The key question is if I need to import malleable union fittings, where is the most suitable place to import them. Don’t hesitate, more than half of the world’s production capacity of malleable pipe fittings is in China. China has a complete production and supply system for malleable pipe fittings, covering various product specifications. After determining the importing country, I believe that the name of Jianzhi brand will be presented in front of your eyes naturally.

Jianzhi Group has 40 years of experience in professional malleable casting in China, and has the largest professional malleable casting factory in China, with full-process production capacity from product design to final production. For more introduction of Jianzhi Group, please click the link below to watch the wonderful video introduction.


Well, this article ends here. If you want to know more, click on the link to enter the official website to learn more product knowledge of malleable pipe fittings.

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