Grooved Fittings for Fire Fighting Systems

by | May 25, 2023 | News

Steel pipe fittings are fittings made of steel that connect pipe sections. There are several common types of steel pipe fittings:

  • These fittings allow the pipe to change direction. They come in various angles, most commonly 90 degree elbows.
  • These fittings from steel pipe fittings manufacturers, connect three pipe sections forming a T or cross shape. They join two inlets to a single outlet or vice versa.
  • These fittings join two pipe ends together. Common types include threaded couplings, flanged couplings, and grooved couplings.

Advantages Of Grooved Couplings And Fittings

Grooved couplings and fittings have become a popular joining method for fire protection sprinkler systems. These types of fittings by steel pipe fittings manufacturers, are often used as an alternative to threaded or flanged connections. Grooved fittings have several advantages for fire fighting systems:

  • Faster installation – Grooved fittings are pushed together and secured with a clamp. This makes installation faster than threading pipes.
  • Easier maintenance – Grooved fittings can be disassembled and reassembled without needing to cut or thread new pipe. This makes maintenance and replacements more convenient.
  • Less leak potential – The grooved connection forms a mechanical seal that is clamped tight, reducing the chance of leaks.
  • Grooved Fittings Standards – Grooved fittings must follow standards set by organizations like FM Global and UL to ensure they meet requirements for fire fighting systems. Common grooved fitting standards are FM, FMG, and AGS. Grooved fittings and couplings should be listed to the appropriate standard for the intended application.

Grooved Fittings Typically With Two Parts

Grooved fittings typically have two parts – a grooved fitting and a grooved coupling. The grooved fitting consists of a pipe or tube end that has been rolled or cut with grooves. The coupling consists of a split housing that forms a sleeve when wrapped around the pipe, and a bolting clamp to secure the coupling.

Proper grooved fitting dimensions, groove depth and shape are critical to achieving listed performance for fire suppression. Following the relevant standards helps ensure the grooved fittings will perform as needed in a fire fighting system.

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