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Four-way fittings are used to connect and branch galvanized piping systems in multiple directions at a single joint. Their cross shape allows piping runs to converge from four sides, providing efficient flow control and routing. Four-way galvanized fittings are available in various configurations to suit heating, cooling, sprinkler, and general water distribution applications.

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Common Types of 4-Way Galvanized Pipe Fittings

Several common types of 4-way galvanized pipe fittings include:

  1. 4-way crosses – All ports are the same size and go straight across, creating four equal flow paths. Commonly used to connect branch lines.
  2. 4-way tees – One main run continues straight while three branch lines come in at 90° angles from each side and on top. Allows branching off the main pipe.
  3. Double 4-way tees – Two 4-way tees combined back-to-back into one fitting. Provides both straight and multi-branch connections.
  4. 4-way laterals – Side ports are at 45° or 60° angles from the main run instead of 90°. Provides angled branch lines.
  5. Reducing 4-way tees – Main run is larger diameter pipe with smaller branches coming off each side. Transitions between pipe sizes.
  6. Street 4-way crosses – Branch lines go straight while main runs are at 45° angles. Used to connect mains.

The ports on 4-way galvanized fittings are typically threaded for joining galvanized, black, or other threaded pipe. Butt-weld, socket-weld, grooved end, and flanged versions are also produced.

Key Applications Of 4 Way Galvanized Fittings

Some typical uses of 4-way galvanized pipe fittings include:

  • HVAC systems – Connect boiler supply and return lines to multiple terminals for heating.
  • Chilled water systems – Feed water to AHU coils, fan coils, and process chiller components.
  • Fire protection – Branch sprinkler lines off a main water supply line on each floor of a building.
  • Plumbing – Route hot and cold domestic water to multiple fixtures.
  • Irrigation systems – Split water feed to different zones in a landscape sprinkler system.
  • Compressed air – Distribute air lines from a main header to equipment drops throughout a plant.
  • Hydronic heating – Create complex piping networks for in-floor residential radiant heating.

4-way fittings enable single joint flow splitting and combining in multi-directional piping systems. Their versatility simplifies piping layouts.

Benefits Of 4-Way Galvanized Pipe Fittings

Key advantages of 4-way galvanized fittings include:

  • Consolidates connections – Joining four pipes in one fitting reduces labor and eliminates leaks associated with making multiple joints.
  • Flexible branch lines – Multi-way design allows lines to feed off in any direction as needed.
  • Small footprint – Compact shape fits into tight spaces and reduces congestion in pipe runs.
  • Corrosion resistance – Galvanized coating prevents rusting and allows long service life.
  • Threaded connections – Simple to install and modify without welding or grooving pipe.
  • Durable material – Galvanized carbon steel construction withstands high pressures and temperatures.
  • Code compliance – Commonly approved for use in plumbing, mechanical, and fire protection systems.

With their versatile piping connectivity and rugged construction, 4-way galvanized fittings provide an efficient and reliable connection solution across applications.

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