Black Pipe Weld Fittings


Product Description

Product Detail

Pipe Weld
1/2″ up to 110″
Production process
seamless, welded
Petrochemical industry, and aerospace industry;pharmaceutical industry; gas exhaust; power plant; ship building;water treatment,etc.

Black pipe fittings are cognitive work that is developed and dedicated based on industry trends. China pipe fitting has achieved excellent performance, exquisite design technology and deeply rooted user experience, and has won enthusiastic response from the market. and highly praised by the majority of users. Both in terms of accuracy and stability, it has reached a breakthrough high level. It brings users an efficient life or work experience with extraordinary execution. Black pipe fittings are great product of the times that combines high practicality.


Smooth flow: Welded systems eliminate the need for internal pipe threads or flanges that could disrupt fluid flow. This increases efficiency and reduces pressure drop, which is beneficial in systems where flow dynamics are critical.
Customization: Welding allows for better customization of pipe routing and fitting placement. Complex geometries and unique system designs can be more easily implemented, providing flexibility for system engineering and modification.
Safety: In high-pressure or hazardous materials applications, the safety of welded joints is critical. Welds can be tested and inspected using non-destructive testing methods to ensure they meet strict safety standards, giving you peace of mind in critical applications.
Cost benefits over time: While the initial installation costs of welding may be higher due to the need for skilled labor, the long-term benefits of reduced maintenance, fewer leaks and increased system reliability often outweigh these costs.
Hygiene: In some industries such as food and beverage processing, welding can provide cleaner internal surfaces because there are no threads or towers to collect staining or bacteria, which helps meet strict hygiene standards.

Product Inspection

1. Dimension test
2. Visual inspection
3. NDT test (PT/MT/UT/RT 100%)
4. Material inspection (PMI/chemical composition analysis/mechanical property analysis )


Q1: Are you manufacturer or a trading company?
A: We are manufacture since 2002 in China.
Q2: Can l get a free sample from your company?
A: Of course, you just need to pay the courier fee
if the sample we have in stock.
Q3 : Can you do the OEM or ODM?
A: Sure, no problem, just need your drawings.
Q4: Can l visit your factory?
A:Yes, we warmly welcome your visit.

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