Black Waste Pipe Fittings


Product Description

Product Detail

elbow, tee, reducer, cap, bend, stub end etc.
1/2″ up to 110″
Surface treatment
nature color, varnished, black painting, anti-rust oil,HDP galvanized coating,  3LPE coating, epoxy coating, FBE coating, ceramics lined,  etc.
Dimension Standard
ANSI B16.9, DIN, EN10253, GOST, JIS, MSS SP 43, MSS SP 75 ,API, Customized ,etc.
Production process
seamless, welded
BW, bevel end, plain end as per ANSI B16.25
Petrochemical industry, and aerospace industry;pharmaceutical industry; gas exhaust; power plant; ship building;water treatment,etc.

Black pipe connectors upholds exceptional quality, employing state-of-the-art equipment and meticulous processes for product perfection. Painstakingly refining every detail, we ensure unparalleled product quality. Our china pipe fittings suppliers of raw materials meets rigorous standards; high-quality products begin with superior ingredients. We enforce strict quality control to guarantee materials are eco-friendly, durable, and high-performing, meeting users’ demands for long-lasting products.

Company Profile

Founded in 1982, Jianzhi is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cast iron pipe fittings. Till now, Jianzhi has about 4,500 employees and more than 350 technical engineers with distributors covering over 100 countries around the world.Jianzhi is committed to building a safer world by bringing premium cast iron pipe fittings to every household and building. With our production line of fittings, flanges, forgings, etc.and good relationship with different manufacturers in steel field, we can get virtually any type of metal products you need to save your time and purchasing cost. Grades are stocked in Plate, Sheet, Bar, Wire, Pipe,Tube, Fittings, Welding Materials and any requirement your company needs.


The most common materials used in fittings produced is carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium, copper, glass, rubber, the various types of plastics, etc..In addition, fittings, like pipes, for specific purposes sometimes internally equipped with layers of materials of a completely different quality as the fitting themselves, which are “lined fittings”. The material of a fitting is basically set during the choice of the pipe, in most cases, a fitting is of the same material as the pipe.

The ends of all buttweld fittings are bevelled. The shape of the bevel depending upon the actual wall thickness. This bevelled ends are needed to be able to make a “Butt weld”.


Cost-Effectiveness: Plastic pipe and fittings, like those used in black waste systems, are generally less expensive than metal alternatives. The lower material cost combined with easier installation can result in significant savings for both materials and labor.

Lightweight: ABS and PVC are lightweight materials, making them easier to handle and install, especially in overhead or hard-to-reach locations. This can reduce installation time and the need for heavy lifting equipment.

Chemical Resistance: Black waste pipe fittings are resistant to a wide range of chemicals typically found in household and industrial waste, ensuring the system remains intact and functional over its lifetime.

Noise Reduction: Plastic pipes tend to transmit less noise than metal pipes, which can be an advantage in residential settings where quiet operation is desired.

Non-Conductive: Unlike metal pipes, plastic waste pipe fittings do not conduct electricity, which is a safety advantage in areas where there might be electrical grounding concerns.

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