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Product Description

When choosing a suitable accessory, you must first understand its field of use. And what benefits it can bring to you. In piping systems, our fittings are top of the line. As your first choice, our 1 1 2 galvanized pipe is more than just an infrastructure for accessories for your application. JianZhi is also your long-term reliable.These fittings are coated with a protective zinc coating for long-lasting performance in a variety of environments.Our accessories are carefully designed. We don’t take shortcuts in the production process and produce based on actual application. Our new range of galvanized fittings has been designed with the specifics of practical applications in mind.

Our products are becoming more and more popular for the following reasons. Our 1 1 2 galvanized pipe will adapt to system design needs for versatility and adaptability. 1 1 2 galvanized pipe tested for stress and durability. 1 1 2 galvanized pipe designed to install quickly and seamlessly, reducing labor time and costs. Each of our fittings is carefully coated with high-grade zinc to ensure maximum corrosion resistance.

JianZhi’s accessories are ideal for a variety of applications, including but not limited to:

1.Pipeline system
2.Heating and cooling systems
3.Industrial processing systems
4.agricultural irrigation system

Using jianzhi accessories has the following advantages for us:

1.Corrosion Resistant:Each accessory is coated with a thick layer of zinc, extending the life of the accessory, especially in environments prone to moisture and chemical exposure.
2.Sturdy:We adhere to strict international manufacturing standards to ensure our accessories are safe and strong enough.
3.EASY TO USE:Installation and maintenance are simple with our fittings, which require no extensive labor or complex tooling to achieve a secure fit.

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