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Product Description

Product Description

Black ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) Pipe fittings, also known as black resistance welded steel pipe, is a steel pipe made by heating and pressurizing the weld seam of steel strip after rolling and forming using resistance welding technology. The surface of this kind of steel pipe has not been treated in any way, retaining the original black surface state of the steel, with good welding performance and mechanical properties It is a common pipe in industrial and construction projects.

Application Range

1 Industrial pipeline system. Applicable to fluid transportation in industries such as petroleum, chemical, and natural gas.

2 Construction field. As pillars and beams of building structures, and components of building pipeline systems.

3 Water treatment system. Used in municipal water supply and sewage systems, with good water and sewage transportation performance.

4 Machinery manufacturing. Can be used for the manufacture of mechanical structures, such as rolling parts, support frames, etc.

5 Agricultural irrigation. Applicable to irrigation systems in farmland to transport irrigation water.

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