Tee Connectors


Product Description

Tee connectors, often made from malleable iron fittings, play a crucial role in the layout and construction of various piping systems.
What are Tee Connectors?
Tee connectors are T-shaped fittings that are widely used to join three sections of pipes or tubing. They have three ends, where one is a continuous straight-through and the other two are at a 90-degree angle to the center of the pipe, forming a T shape. The primary function of the tee is to either combine or split the flow of the fluids or gases traveling through the pipes.

Malleable Iron Fittings as Materials:
Malleable iron fittings, including tees, are made of a specific type of cast iron that has undergone a heat treatment process known as malleabilizing. This process gives the iron properties which make it more ductile and impact-resistant compared to other types of cast iron.

Applications of Tee Connectors in Piping Systems:
Tee connectors are used in various plumbing and industrial applications, including:

Water and Gas Supply: In residential and commercial buildings for branching off water or gas lines.
HVAC Systems:For branching off ducts in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.
Industrial Piping: For transporting chemicals, petroleum, and other industrial materials where strong and durable connections are required.
Fire Protection Systems: Used in sprinkler and standpipe systems to branch off lines to individual sprinkler heads or other fire protection equipment.

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