malleable iron pipe fittings definition

by | Feb 3, 2022 | Industry Knowledge

Malleable cast iron is commonly known as malleable iron, horse iron. The production process of vermicular graphite cast iron is: first cast into white cast iron castings, and then through forgeable annealing (forgeable annealing decomposes cementite into flocculent graphite) to obtain malleable iron castings.

Chemical composition, structure and properties of malleable iron
1 The chemical composition of malleable cast iron is: wC=2.2%~2.8%, wSi=1.0%~1.8%, wMn=0.3%~0.8%, wS≤0.2%, wP≤0.1%.
2 The structure of malleable cast iron has two types: ferrite (F) + flocculent graphite (G); pearlite (P) + flocculent graphite (G).
3 Performance:

Because the graphite in malleable cast iron is flocculent and has little effect on the matrix, its mechanical properties are higher than that of gray cast iron, and its plasticity and toughness are good, but malleable cast iron cannot be forged and pressed. The matrix structure of malleable cast iron is different, Its properties are also different, in which black-core malleable iron has higher plasticity and toughness, while pearlitic malleable iron has higher strength, hardness and wear resistance.

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