45 Degree Grooved Pipe Elbow

Bending angle: 45°
Available sizes: 2 – 12 inch
Working pressure: 300 PSI
CE: FM approved / UL certified
Ductile cast iron: ASTM A536 65-45-12
Coating: Red painted / galvanized / epoxy blue / grey

Product Description

The 45 Degree Grooved Pipe Elbow stands as an essential fitting in grooved pipework scenarios, serving as a cost-effective and functional means to deviate pipe direction by a 45-degree angle. Valued across a broad spectrum of uses for its capacity to enable fluid transitions around corners or curves, this elbow is vital in maintaining a consistent and uncompromised flow within any system it’s employed.

Design and Functionality of the 45 Degree Grooved Pipe Elbow

Crafted for solid and streamlined connectivity, the 45 Degree Grooved Pipe Elbow seamlessly attaches to grooved pipes. Its grooved terminations enable effortless and swift setup, negating the demand for complex tools, which slashes both the time invested in assembly and the associated labor expenses. The exactitude of the elbow’s angular design guarantees uniform alignment and flow dynamics, bolstering both the durability and the overall performance of the piping system.

Key Features and Benefits of the 45 Degree Grooved Pipe Elbow

Bending Angle: The elbow provides a 45-degree turn, optimizing the flow path and minimizing pressure drops and turbulence.
Size Range: Available in sizes from 2 to 12 inches, it can accommodate a broad spectrum of piping systems.
Working Pressure: With a working pressure rating of 300 PSI, it is suitable for high-pressure applications.
Material: Made from ductile cast iron conforming to ASTM A536 65-45-12, it ensures strength and durability.
Certifications: The elbow is FM approved and UL certified, meeting rigorous safety and quality standards.
Coating Options: It comes with various coatings such as red painted, galvanized, epoxy blue, and grey to enhance corrosion resistance and adapt to different environments.

45 Degree Grooved Pipe Elbow Applications

  1. HVAC and Plumbing Systems: Ideal for commercial and residential buildings, ensuring efficient fluid transport and system integrity.
  2. Fire Protection and Suppression Systems: Crucial for the safety of industrial facilities and high-rise structures.
  3. Water Treatment Plants: Suitable for municipal infrastructure projects, ensuring safe and efficient water transport.
  4. Industrial Piping Networks: A reliable solution for chemical processing, oil and gas, and manufacturing facilities, where precise directional changes are necessary.

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45 Degree Grooved Pipe Elbow

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