Equal Grooved Cross


Product Description

Equal Grooved Cross is a specialized fitting designed to create a four-way intersection within piping configurations. This fitting ensures equal flow distribution among interconnected branches, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring balanced fluid distribution and efficient fluid transportation.

Equal Grooved Cross Features

  1. Design: The Equal Grooved Cross is designed to create a four-way intersection within piping configurations. The pipe diameter of the main pipe and the branch pipe are the same, ensuring equal flow distribution among interconnected branches.
  2. Installation: Featuring grooved ends that enable secure connections to grooved pipes, this cross eliminates the need for intricate welding or threading methods, simplifying installation processes while maintaining leak-free joints.
  3. Efficiency: By maintaining equilibrium in flow distribution and minimizing pressure differentials, the equal grooved cross enhances system performance and reliability, contributing to overall operational efficiency.

Advantages of the Equal Grooved Cross

HVAC Systems: In HVAC systems, these crosses play a crucial role in achieving uniform airflow distribution and promoting system efficiency by ensuring consistent flow rates in all directions.

Water Treatment Plants: Within water treatment plants, they facilitate seamless fluid transfer between different treatment stages, optimizing process efficiency and performance.

Chemical Processing Facilities: In chemical processing facilities, the equal grooved cross is used

Equal Grooved Cross Parameter Table

Equal Grooved Cross

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