Black NPT Fitting Socket Entire Threaded Fig.270

Size: 1/4"-6"
Material: KTH350-10
Galvanized Socket or Black Socket
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MOQ is 4 tons
Delivery time: 35 days

Product Description

The socket is used to connect two pipes of the same diameter to form a tight connection preventing any leakage.

In order to ensure this, the precision of the socket’s thread is very important.

Our products are strictly in accordance with the national standards for the length of the pipe thread and the position of the base surface. The state stipulates that the minimum length of the 1-inch tapered pipe internal thread using the retraction structure shall not be less than 11.6mm (about 5 pipe threads); the minimum length of the external thread shall not be less than 14.5mm (about 6.3 threads).

Moreover, the base surface size of our pipe fittings, that is, the thread accuracy, is higher than the national standard. The national standard stipulates ±1 1/4 deduction, and our products can be guaranteed within ±1 deduction.

Sufficient length ensures a tighter connection of the fittings.

Meet Quality Standards, such as FM Certificate, and UL Certificate.

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