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Product Description

Product Description

ERW (electric resistance welding) steel pipe is a kind of pipe that is formed by hot rolling the strip, using the high-frequency current generated by the skin effect and the proximity effect to act on the edge, so that the edge is heated to a molten state, and then welded together by external force.

Features of ERW Steel Pipe Fittings

High-quality welded joints. The high-frequency resistance welding technology is used to ensure the uniformity and density of the weld, and the welded joints are almost defect-free.

Precise size. Advanced forming and welding technology makes the ERW steel pipe have high dimensional accuracy, uniform wall thickness and stable external dimensions.

Strong mechanical properties. ERW steel pipe has good mechanical properties and strong pressure bearing capacity, and is suitable for high pressure and high load conditions.

Excellent surface quality. The surface is smooth and beautiful, and can be used in a variety of environments without secondary processing.

High manufacturing efficiency. Compared with traditional welding methods, ERW steel pipes have higher production efficiency and can achieve mass production.

Various materials. Different steel grades can be selected according to different usage conditions, such as API series, ASTM series and other standard series.


Oil and gas pipelines. ERW steel pipes are ideal for transporting oil and natural gas, especially for urban pipelines.

Building components. Structural parts such as trusses, beams, columns, and brackets used in the construction industry.

Transportation. Manufacturing rail vehicles, automobile chassis, bicycle frames, etc.

Machinery manufacturing. Various structural parts and components used in the machinery industry.

Bridge construction. Used for the load-bearing structure of bridges to improve the durability and safety of bridges.


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