Gas Pipe Fittings Socket Reducing Fig.240

Maximum Pressure:

25 BAR (363PSI) (2.5MPA) CLASS 150

Maximum Temperature:

200°C (392°F)

Tensile Strength:


Suitable Applications:

Water, Oil, Gas, Petro-Chemical

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Product Description

Socket called coupling or collar. It made by malleable iron , casting processing. Socket Reducing is connected to two different sizes of pipes. Hot galvanizing treatment is used on the surface of Socket , which has good rust prevention and anticorrosion effect. The thickness of zinc layer is more than 80 um.

Pipe Fitting Reducing Socket

Couplings are also known as sockets or collars. It is made of malleable iron, which has been cast. JIANZHI Socket has a zinc layer thickness of more than 80 um, which has a good rust prevention and anti-corrosion effect, which is typical of hot galvanizing treatment. A 50-year warranty is included.
Industrial pipeline systems commonly use this fitting at the moment. Pipe clamps are short pipes used to connect two pipes. Pipelines of different dimensions can be connected with the reducer coupling. A wide range of fields, including civil construction, industry, agriculture, and others, use it because of its convenience.

Gas Pipe Fittings Socket Reducing