45 Degree Black Pipe Fitting

Material Iron
Brand JianZhi
Color Silver
Item Dimensions LxWxH 2 x 2 x 1 inches
Connector Type Elbow
Thread Size 1 inch
Thread Type NPT
Item Weight 8 Ounces
Number of Pieces 1


Product Description

45 Degree Black Pipe Fitting – Efficient Plumbing Solution

45 Degree Black Pipe Fitting plays a vital role in plumbing systems, offering improved flow efficiency, precise alignment, and versatility in various applications. By understanding its benefits, selecting the right fittings, and following proper installation practices, you can ensure the smooth operation of your plumbing system.

These fittings enhance flow efficiency and alignment, making them essential in residential, commercial, and HVAC plumbing applications. Learn how to choose the right fitting, ensure proper installation, and perform maintenance for optimal performance. With their angled design and versatility, these fittings are indispensable components for efficient plumbing systems.

Benefits of Using 45 Degree Black Pipe Fitting

These fittings offer numerous advantages in plumbing installations:

  • Improved Flow Efficiency: With its angled design, the fitting allows fluid to flow smoothly, reducing pressure drop and minimizing energy consumption.
  • Enhanced Alignment: The 45-degree angle provides flexibility in fitting placement, enabling precise alignment and avoiding unnecessary bends in the pipeline.

45 Degree Black Pipe Fitting


45 Degree Black Pipe Fitting finds extensive use in various plumbing applications:

  1. Residential Plumbing: From bathroom fixtures to kitchen sinks, these fittings ensure proper fluid flow and efficient drainage in residential plumbing systems.
  2. Commercial and Industrial Plumbing: In commercial buildings and industrial facilities, these fittings are vital for connecting pipes, redirecting flow, and maintaining optimal plumbing performance.
  3. HVAC Systems: Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems require this fitting to facilitate the smooth passage of air and fluids, improving overall system efficiency.

About this item

  • 45-degree elbow for changing flow direction
  • Male National Pipe Taper (NPT) threads on one end and female NPT threads on the other for connecting pipes with different connections
  • Made from malleable iron for tensile strength
  • National Pipe Taper (NPT) threads for creating tighter seals than straight threads
  • Galvanized finish resists rust in water, air, and steam applications

45 Degree Black Pipe Fitting

Installation and Maintenance Tips

Proper installation and maintenance practices are crucial for optimal performance:

  1. Thorough Inspection: Before installation, inspect the fitting for any defects or damage that may compromise its functionality.
  2. Precise Measurements: Accurate measurements and marking are essential to ensure correct fitting alignment and prevent leaks.
  3. Tightening and Sealing: Use appropriate tools to tighten the fittings securely, and apply sealant or tape to prevent leaks at the joints.