HVAC Pipeline System

by | Mar 23, 2022 | Industry Application

HVAC ducts can be customized according to requirements in terms of thickness and specifications. Normally, when connecting, both ends of the air duct are always externally connected to accessories (such as elbows and reducing diameters). Generally, HVAC pipes do not have grooves and seals at both ends.

HVAC pipes are used in a wide range of applications. Air ducts for purification systems, central air conditioning ventilation ducts, industrial ventilation ducts, environmental protection ducts, mining drainage pipes, and rubber coated air ducts, etc.

Malleable iron pipe fittings is one of the fittings to connect pipes. Jianzhi Pipe Fittings have FM/UL approvals, 100% air tightness test. Professional sales team provide you professional service.

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