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Black iron pipes and fittings are a robust option primarily used for gas lines. Here are some key points about it:

  • Strength and Durability: Black iron pipes are strong and resistant to corrosion. They maintain an airtight seal, making them reliable for various applications.
  • Appearance: These pipes have a dark, matte finish due to a black oxide coating. Unlike shiny silver-grey steel pipes, black iron pipes offer a distinct aesthetic.
  • Applications:
  • Gas Lines: Black iron pipes are commonly used for natural gas distribution systems.
  • Water Supply: While they were once used for water lines, they are now more popular for gas.
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems: Their high heat resistance makes them suitable for fire sprinkler installations.
  • Plumbing: Black iron pipes are used in plumbing and water supply lines, especially in residential and commercial buildings.
  • Other Non-Corrosive Fluids: They are well-suited for transporting potable water and other non-corrosive liquids.

JIANZHI black iron pipe fittings manufacturer is a reliable company can supply black iron products for various applications, offering strength, corrosion resistance, and an appealing appearance.

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