Differences Between Black Pipes and Galvanized Pipes

Here are some differences between black and galvanized pipes:

Black Pipes

  • Appearance: Black steel pipes have a dark, matte appearance due to the black oxide coating.
  • Material: These pipes are made of non-galvanized steel coated with iron oxide.
  • Strength: Black pipes have very high strength.
  • Usage: They are better suited for gas transportation and can handle high-pressure steam or air.
  • Pros:
    • Requires minimal maintenance.
    • Handles submersion and underground pressure.
    • Budget-friendly.

Galvanized Pipes

  • Appearance: Galvanized pipes have a silver-grey appearance due to the zinc coating.
  • Material: These pipes are steel pipes coated with zinc to resist corrosion.
  • Strength: Comparably lower strength than black pipes.
  • Usage: Good for liquid transportation in homes (both rural and urban) and industrial applications.
  • Pros:
    • Transports liquid materials effectively.
    • Prevents rusting.
    • Recommended for technical use.

Both black and galvanized pipes are made of steel and have similar initial strength. Black iron pipes are used for gas transportation, while galvanized pipes are resistant to rust and suitable for water or liquid material transportation. Choose the one that best fits your specific needs from Jianzhi black and galvanized pipe manufacturer.

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