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Black steel pipe fittings are components used to connect sections of black steel pipes and manage the flow of gas, water, or other materials through the piping system. These fittings are essential for creating a reliable and leak-free piping network. Here are hot selling types of black steel pipe fittings from black pipe fittings manufacturer JIANZHI:

  • Elbows: 90-Degree Elbows uses to change the direction of the piping by 90 degrees. 45-Degree Elbows uses to change the direction of the piping by 45 degrees.
  • Tees: Equal Tees uses to split or combine flow at a 90-degree angle with all three openings of equal size. Reducing Tees uses to split or combine flow with one opening of a different size.
  • Couplings: Full Couplings uses to connect two pieces of pipe of the same size. Half Couplings uses to connect a pipe to a fitting or to close the end of a pipe.
  • Unions: uses to connect two pipes and allow for future disconnection without cutting the pipes.
  • Bushings: uses to connect pipes of different sizes, reducing the diameter of the pipe.
  • Nipples: Short pieces of pipe with male threads on both ends, uses to connect two fittings or a pipe and a fitting.

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